Saturday, November 05, 2011

One Little Corner - Computer Desk

Here is a picture of my desk before. It's pretty bad. Actually I share this desk with my husband. I have baby stuff, craft supplies, school stuff, mail.. you name it, it's on this desk.
Here is the desk after about 20m of work. If you see any personal info please ignore it, I tried to make sure it was a little anonymous. :) This is a very old desk. It was my grandaddy's. One day I will find some extra time to restore it, but for now it's fine.
What I wish I could show you is the calendar above the desk. It's literally saved our family so much time. Hmm.. maybe that will be another post. I can't show you my calendar because it's got to much personal info on it, but sometime this week I will link to a similar calendar and talk about how fantabulous it is!!

What little corner are you working on?
Be Blessed!