Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fitting them all in...

This is the closet system I made up for Lily and Gideon. Our house is a bit crowded at the moment and I don't have a room to move Lily into so for now she is staying put in our room. Gideon will be nursing exclusively so he needs to be in our room as well. I found the bookshelves with the tension rods idea on Pinterest and then my vision expanded to the cubbies. I really think it's going to work out. I need to organize it a little better, but you can get the general idea here.
I'm 35w pregnant right now and have much to do to finish this room. I can't believe how close we are getting to the actual day I will be holding my little warrior. I keep praying that God will make me into a better mom. I've seen Him work so much in me just in the last 7-9 years of being a mom. We just celebrated our 7th adoption day! I look back on the overwhelmed, inpatient mommy I was then and am thankful that while still overwhelmed and sometimes inpatient, I have learned to delight in my children. When I find myself not being a joyful mother of children I try to remedy it by going to God and asking him to make me joyful, loving, and kind. To make me delight in my children. Usually not long after that I will find myself just thrilled to be sitting in the same room with them and talking. To laugh at their jokes and antics. To connect with them. God always answers this prayer for me and I'm so thankful.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Loving the Spring

Not really doing that great on my blogging, huh? I actually just got back into reading some homemaker blogs this past week and I've been so inspired. Now being 34w pregnant I have not been able to really get out there and do all the stuff I want to around the house, but it's been nice to at least have the desire back. :) We are enjoying some beautiful spring weather here. Usually by now it's hot, hot, hot around these parts, but lately it's been breezy and beautiful. I'm hoping it holds out for another month at least! We were able to get a van recently that our whole family will fit in, plus room for a few more... ;) Our first trip was a picnic to the beach. We are going to a "theme" park a couple of hours away next week for our end of the year field trip with our homeschool group. That will be the first BIG trip (and last for a few months!) Our son, Gideon Nathaniel will be joining us in about 4 - 5 weeks and everyone is excited. Especially mommy. I am very tired and in pain a lot of the time right now. I joked with my husband this morning that last minute school work catch up and growing a person are really getting in the way of my nesting! It's ok though, it will all come together. 
 This is the Spring Family Basket I set up for the kids. We don't do a big Easter here, with baskets, bunnies and such, but it's nice to be able to give them a little something. Oh, and we do hunt plastic eggs because I think it's cute, not because some fictitious bunny dropped them off. :) In the basket I put some new art supplies, some stuff from the dollar spot at our local craft store, a thing of copy paper because they always steal mine, a package of candy, scripture cds, a couple of books, and a hymnal. I don't have the rest of the picture, but they also each got one chocolate bunny and their own hymnals. Now everyone in the family has one, plus a few extras for when our family expands one day.
This is a picture of Jonathan and Lily on Resurrection Sunday and one of my spring landscaping projects. Hobby Lobby had those whirly gigs for 50% off back in March so I snatched them up for decoration for my 13yos garden tea party. :) The rest of my kids had run in the house to change before I could snatch them for spring pictures. I love this one though. To me it looks a little vintage or like a postcard. Whatever it is, my babies are beautiful! :)

Hope you are enjoying a lovely spring as well!