Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Reading around the house

It's Homemaking Link Up Day at Raising Homemakers. Come and join the fun! Also be sure to check out the book The Family Daughter by 16yo Sarah Bryant listed in the blog post for the day at Raising Homemakers. I am looking forward to getting a copy for my girls.

I love to see my kids getting along, a bonus is the reading. :) When we go to the library we come home with two to three milk crates full of books. Each of the kids get the amount of books respectable to their ages. We start in the picture book section/fiction section and then move over to the non fiction section. Two books from the picture book section and the rest from the other section. I love seeing what they come up with especially in the non fiction section. I do take time to scan through books before they make it to the house. I believe that we as women are gatekeepers of our homes and one of our jobs is to keep up with what is coming in the gates.
I also make sure to check out board books for little lady. She actually does well with paper books, though she tore one the other day just trying to turn the page. She loves books and will ask you to read by signing book and saying, "buh."
Roy and I check out lots of books and let the kids see us reading all the time. They sit and read during in between times of the day. For example, after their rooms are tidied in the morning and they are waiting for breakfast to be ready they read. During our group school time if we are waiting for someone to finish something up they read. Sometimes if there is time right before dinner after our predinner clean up is done they read. During our 1-2 hour rest time every day they read.
The girls and I have talked about wanting to set up little reading nooks around the house, but right now that's not possible so everyone just finds a little corner to read in. My oldest likes to grab pillows and make herself a nest by our sliding glass back door. Jonathan loves the basket above or behind my recliner. The two other girls perch on the couch. Adrian lands wherever he sees an opening.
It's wonderful to see my kids reading to themselves and each other. It's one of my favorite parts of the day.

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I loved reading your post! You are doing a wonderful job. So good to visit with you again. connie