Tuesday, September 06, 2011

My thoughts on blogging.

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks. The idea of having a blog to talk about my home and family life and hold me semi-accountable is not going very well. We've had some surprises around here lately that I am trying to process. It means more changes for our little household, but we have to believe that God is always in control!!
I have a lot going on. I have portfolio checks for two of my kids this month, laundry backed up to the ends of the earth, a bedroom that keeps accumulating stuff, an empty fridge and pantry that really needs a good shopping trip to be restocked, and a toddler who loves to climb and play in the garbage. I could not be happier with this life. Blogging is a me thing and I will continue doing it as I can. Some people have said that young mothers should not have blogs. I've heard it said that we should spend the time we spend blogging being moms. I agree with that to an extent. I love writing on my blog. I have actually made some pretty good friends via blogs over the past few years of doing this. I love, love, love reading blogs. I get so much inspiration from other women who are walking this same road I'm on. All the houses around mine are empty right now. People are at work and school. I see other bloggers as my neighbors. People I can sit down with occasionally and learn from or share with.
I do spend a lot of time with my kids. I think spending 30m reading some blogs or posting my own blog is a nice way to energize me for the rest of the day. Right now, Jonathan and Adrian are cleaning their room. (It was already clean so I don't really know what they are doing. They are getting along and working together so I'm not going to look to closely.) Lily is chasing Tamara and Kelsie is chasing Lily, a lot of giggling is what I hear. Karly is sprawled on the floor by me reading a book. She stops to tell me about it every now and then. I'm in the midst of them living this life.
I'm hoping to carve out a little more time this month to blog. I'm in the midst of lots of projects and changes that I really want to share. If you don't see me here, though, just know that I am living the best life ever!


*Michigan Momma* said...

I'm glad to have "met" you online and I'm glad you're still here, blogging whenever you can!

Reed Family said...

I get so much inspiration and support from other bloggers. Many of them I've never actually met. Without knowing it they encourage me in raising my children, homeschooling, and following the Lord. Thanks for taking the time to share your stories with us. :D