Thursday, March 08, 2012

Spring has sprung!

Here we can look at Springs of ole. The first picture is Easter of last year. The second picture is Spring 2008. So, many years ago! I'm thinking I need to duplicate picture number 2 with baby number 6 added in! How cute would Lily look at the top of that dog pile?? :) Yeah, I tried to resize it, but well.. here you have the extent of my computer expertise!
The weather outside today is lovely. DH and I were just talking about some yard projects we need to get done. One being a new sprinkler system. We also need to resod parts of our yard. The HOA is breathing down our necks. We don't really have the extra money, but we are finding it here and there. We don't use credit cards so it all has to come out of our pocket. Instead of resodding the whole yard we are planning to work in native plant areas here and there.
I am hoping to get out soon and pressure wash the front of our home. It needs a good spring cleaning.
My garden boxes are getting cleaned out and I just need to go get the new soil. I wanted to try composting this year, but I may have to wait. We are hoping to actually, really and truly put our house on the market sometime this year. We'll stay in town so hubby can finish up his schooling, but we would like to find a place with a bigger yard and maybe a little more room for our family.
It doesn't look like my prayers of adding to our family this year are going to happen, but who knows about next year!
We want to plant some flowering bushes around the house this spring as well. The kids are wild about butterflies and hummingbirds and we decided to check with our zoological garden people and they gave us some great ideas for growing native bushes to attract these guys. Last years wild flower experiment brought some bees and a few butterflies to the garden. This year we are hoping for more.
So many plans and such a small budget, but we'll do what we can with what we have! We only have a couple of short months to get the yard work done before the summer heat hits and we are trapped in our houses. In FL we get the fun of heat and humidity. It's downright stifling outside starting in June through about October.
Happy Spring, ya'll!!

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