Monday, March 26, 2012

Fresh Bounty

Stopped by the farmer's market last week. YUM! So many good things. Came home with cantaloupes, watermelons, oranges, a few apples, tomatoes, cucumbers and a pineapple. I love, love, love that we have a bunch of farmer's markets in this area. The one I went to is not my favorite, but it is by far the biggest around here.
I have not gotten my garden in yet, and it's really sad, because spring is early and I'm missing a lot of good growing time. I never have a big bounty, but I learn something new every year. Good enough. :)
I'm going to try to remember to take pictures of our dinner this week so I can do another "What we ate this week" post. Lots of pretty fruits and veggies are on the menu for sure!

What's your favorite fruit or veggie?


Mrs. Wieling said...

Well we are planting an orchard this year! I discovered I really like Comice pears!!! I ordered 3 trees. I NEVER liked pears before I tried them!

Julie said...

I do long for an orchard! I keep eyeing fruit trees at our local garden store, but since we want to move very soon I am not getting any.