Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Encourage those around you!

 I am working on a hurricane/other disaster prep post and should have it ready soon! There is so much out there. It's been kind of fun getting all this information together and starting to implement it a little at a time!
 Right now I just have to share something I am very excited about. God has truly done a good work in me! I have had the most productive couple of days. Remember when I reformatted this blog and was looking for my passion for homemaking and mothering again?? Well, it's back! I am just enjoying puttering around in the kitchen. I even made bread!! I have not done that since before Lily was born. She will be two next week. Yes, it's been that long. I have a ton of meals in my freezer. My room is not just getting cleaned (it's been clean since I wrote about it last!) but now I am reorganizing and decluttering. It's really looking better than clean. It's looking beautiful.
Today on a whim I invited some friends over. I was not running around like crazy trying to clean. The house was fairly clean just a little swiping here and there. I lit a pretty smelling candle and it was a great time with friends. I'm getting ready to rearrange the house again. Yeah, it's about a quarterly thing now. LOL Much of my inspiration has come from a wonderful older lady lately. Not much older though, her youngest daughter is the same age as my Kelsie. She has just been so encouraging to me lately. She also brought me a whole bunch of her old Keeper At Home magazines! WOW! Just WOW! The wisdom in those pages has brought me a whole new level of excitement. I am excited to try to share some of the lessons I am learning that are bringing me back to the heart of my mission. My home and family. Blogging is sporadic right now, because I am busy at home, but I am hoping to get the prep. post up and at least one other this week.

Be blessed and look for a young woman to encourage in her role as homemaker this week!

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Lynn said...

How fun to read this. I was just reading the latest issue of Keepers at Home today :) Nothing like some good, inspirational homemaking reading to get you enthusiastic about your work at home.