Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

Well, it has been a long few weeks. I spent one week being sick, one week catching up after being sick, and now we are at the end of a tropical storm. Fun times. :)
I am happy to say we only lost power once for about 2 hours when a transformer blew. It was around 2 a.m. so we did not really even notice it, well except for when it came back on around 4ish our house alarm went off. Noticed that.
I live in a place with a lot of hurricane watches and warnings. About 99% of the time the storm blows the other way and we miss it completely. Because of this I'm afraid some of us get a little lazy with our storm prep. I try to make sure we have some stock during the season, but I'm not really diligent.
I'm going to work on a list this week and then start making sure we have all we need for a storm. I'll share it later on this week and hopefully next time I won't be laying in bed wondering if we have enough water, or if the flashlights work. How far will that jar of peanut butter actually go? How are 8 people going to use the bathroom without water? Ya see, these are important things!! :)
Dh and I have always been interested in disaster prep stuff, but we have not really worked through implementing it to actual disaster prep. Seeing as how the first storm of the season came before the season even started and we got a direct hit I think we'll be a little more active in preparing for the coming season.
What are some ways you prepare for a disaster?

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