Wednesday, May 02, 2012

My menu plan system

Sigh, blogger is acting all crazy and typing in weird places. LOL I'll keep going though and just hope that it looks ok on the actual blog. 

When I plan my menu I plan for the whole month. I usually pull out my super cool calendar with big boxes. This way I can see what we have going on that day or week. I like to jot down meal ideas at the bottom of the box for that day. Yes, Mother's Day does say, "I better not be cooking!" LOL
 After I jot it down on my calendar I put each week's menu plan on a index card. This index card goes in my recipe box in front of all the recipes for the meals I have planned that week. When I'm done I just scoot it to the back. Easy peasy. GF means the recipe is actually in my green folder and has not been put on an index card yet.
Then I make up four weeks of grocery lists. On shopping day I grab the list, add anything I need and head to the store!

It's really made cooking a lot easier. We did this through April and it worked great. Another advantage I just discovered tonight is I can hand one of the girls a recipe card and have them make the meal. I am right by the kitchen so they can ask questions. I ask if they want me to help and sometimes they do but mostly they just let me go off and do something else. :) Great practice for them. Probably in the fall I will assign them a week to plan meals. Something I am definitely thinking about.

My day went well. I met my mom and my great aunt and had lunch with them and Miss Lily. We then headed to the Farmer's Market, but I did not have any cash so I have to go back Friday. My mom had some and she bought her some stuff. She kept offering to buy me some stuff, but I told her I would just wait. She's sweet like that. :)
I got my glasses fixed and then headed home. I worked in my garden a bit and watched the kids play outside. Then Karly made dinner. Now we are just relaxing until bed time. Lily conked out early. I hope that does not mean she'll wake up all rested in the middle of the night. She had a busy, busy day.

Hope you all had a great day!

Just realized it's homemaking link up day on Raising Homemakers. I think I will post this over there. If you have not taken advantage of this great resource please do!

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