Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Our organization corner

I guess I should have prettied it up a bit before taking a pic, but hey, I'm all about keeping it real. :)
This is the little wasted space alcove to our bedroom. One day I decided to hang up a white board and the little letter organizer thing. Underneath that is a small round table.
The white board has had many uses. I used to put the kids chores on there, then I put Bible verses and little quotes. Now it's the perfect place for our to-do list! The one you see is Dh's list (that he wrote for himself). I only have two on my right now. Yeah, before you get too impressed one is finish the closet and the other is finish my garden project. Neither one is a small deal. LOL
The letter organizer holds papers for the kids, magazines we want to read and netflix movies to send back.
The table underneath holds my purse, the diaper bag, and whatever needs to walk out the door with us the next day.
Also, something you can't see is a key holder. It also has a small white board and that has some phone numbers on it so I could not show it. We put all of our keys there.
It can also be a serious hotspot. Looking at the picture I see stuff that needs to come out of the letter organizer. Stuff I cropped out of the picture (I don't want to be too real!) needs to be put away.
Overall though, this is a great little organization nook.
Look around your house. See if there is a little nook you can use to help yourself. :)

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