Thursday, June 02, 2011

10 Disciplines for Home Management

10 Disciplines for Home Management

1.You shall be dedicated to managing your home.

Titus 2:5

2. You shall be a woman of prayer.

Prayer changes our housework, because prayer changes the heart of a homemaker.

3. You shall be aware of the basics.

The basics of food, clothing, cleanliness, and safety are parts of your responsibility to your family.

4. You shall follow a schedule.

When yours days, weeks, months, and years run on a rhythm, your work at home gets done. Everything might not get done, but more gets done when you schedule it than when you don't.

5. You shall be organized.

Whatever the method of organization, and there are many, it always aids in the smooth running of a household.

6. You shall be there.

Exactly how do our good housekeeping chores get done? They get done when we the homemakers and housekeeper are there - when we are at home.

7.You shall be the best.

"Okay, I have to keep the house clean. I need to create order.I've got to see to three meals a day. So why not be the best? Why not excel? Why not exceedingly bless my family and others?"

8. You shall be reading.

Even if you learned nothing about homemaking when you were growing up, all you have to do is read and learn now.

9. You shall be frugal.

Thrift and wise management of money are Biblical virtues that bless our family.

10. You shall be creative.

From Elizabeth George's book Life Management for Busy Women

I have been thinking about these things since I read them yesterday. I have started in the last few weeks really applying most of them. It has created such a huge difference in our home. School is getting done, cleaning is coming along, I do feel that I am getting a handle on this organizing thing. It's amazing how applying just few simple principles can change everything.

I feel great about being a homemaker again. What joy!

What is one thing from the above disciplines that you need to work on? What will you start doing today?

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Rebecca said...

Probably number 2. I forget that when I'm struggling with housework I should first make it a matter of prayer.