Friday, June 03, 2011

One Little Corner - School Room Edition

Today I will show you a bit of our school corner. It's only one part of the school area. One corner.
Here is the before picture. I was trying to put portfolios together and organize some of our new school stuff. It was pretty bad. However, it only took about 30m to put it to rights again.

Here you can see the tables all cleaned off. While I was at it I also decluttered the mantle. I had some of Lily's baby dolls up there and now they are safely tucked away in her corner of our bedroom.

I righted the bookshelf. The basket by the fireplace holds blankets and throws. The kids enjoy wrapping up in them while reading or watching a movie. Yes, even in the summer. I sit in the rocking chair while we do our group work. The kids have bean bags and big pillows they sit on.

I love a cleared floor and a clean bookshelf. Now when I look at this corner, I smile. I have been more productive since polishing my corner. Portfolios are almost all ready for tomorrow's check, lessons are assigned, checked, and handed back in mere minutes now, and I am not always searching for a book.

I'm having so much fun making my house a home, one corner at a time.

What corner of your home can you make pretty today?

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Rebecca said...

Working in the kitchen and family room today. :)