Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Getting My House In Order

In a few short days this Princess will be 1. Wasn't it just yesterday I was blogging her birth story? Heck, wasn't it just yesterday I was blogging about being pregnant?? I can't believe how the time has flown. She's into everything these days, taking wobbly steps, drooling around her four baby teeth, singing, laughing, playing. I just taught her to say, "Uh-Oh" it's to stinkin' cute.

Do you LOVE these cheeks?? So kissable!

I took the plunge and scheduled her party for June 18th (her actual birthday) at my house. That means the next few days will be a whirlwind of finishing projects, deep cleaning, and rearranging stuff. I have a lot of stuff to get done and I work better with a firm deadline.

For the next three days I will be in the kitchen. I am decluttering as I go and rearranging everything along with a deep clean. I have three free standing shelves in there and a pantry. I need to get rid of the free standing shelves, except maybe one. It's a huge project and I only gave myself three days. If it's not done by Saturday, it's ok. I will just keep working til it's done. The other projects are not as big so if I end up with four or five days of kitchen work I will still have plenty of time.

If I finish the kitchen by Saturday I will move onto the dining room. I am moving our eating area into the kitchen, if it works out, and the dining room will be for toys and crafts. I have to move a china cabinet, bookshelf, and linen storage dresser somewhere else.

I have some ideas of where I will move them, but I'm still working it out.

I am giving myself Saturday and Monday for the dining room. Or the next two days after the kitchen is done.

The two or three days after that will be the School room. Some stuff to move out of there and a deep cleaning. One to two days for the hallways (decluttering and moving bookcases) and general cleaning of bathrooms and other rooms. It's ambitious but there are four capable cleaning people and three children who can help.

Princess Lily gets to sit and watch all the preparations for her big day. :)

I'm excited about progress I have already made and know that in the end we will all be so much happier when our house is in order! Plus, it should give me lots of blog fodder! :)

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Rebecca said...

There's nothing like a party to give you incentive to deep clean is there. Enjoyed the pictures of Lilly!!