Monday, April 30, 2012

Cleaning Lists

 What a fun and busy weekend we had! Saturday marked our six year anniversary of adopting our kids. We spent a fun day at the beach with family and friends! The baby was having a melt down when this picture was taken so she was not allowed to join! :) Anyway, this is the reason I did not get to list some of the articles I found that I will be sharing with my girls this week. I will see if I can get to that a little later today.
For now I just wanted to share some of the things that are going to help me teach my girls about being homemakers.

In our home I came up with a list for every room of the house. Each child has a room they are responsible for and it rotates every month.  These lists tell the kids which chore needs to be done and when. Daily is everyday, of course. Saturday chores can be an extra hour to two hours on Friday or Saturday. It's a deeper cleaning. Then I listed monthly chores that can be done each Saturday. For instance in the bathroom on the first Saturday of the month we take the cat box outside and hose it out and scrub it clean. Some rooms have 4-5 monthly projects some rooms have 1-2. In the kitchen on the fifth Saturday of the month (if there is one) we pull out the stove and fridge and clean behind it. Because there are only a few fifth Saturdays this does not get done very often, but it is also not a neglected chore.

I'm sorry that the pictures are blurry. I was rushing around taking them last week. I just downloaded them this morning so I did not know how blurry they were. :)
We've been using these lists for about 2 months now and it's working out well. I have seen some things that I need to tweak so I'll probably work on that this month.
Starting this week I will be working one on one with the kids in the rooms they are responsible for. I'll probably work with a different kid every day and keep doing that until I feel they can work more independently. Then I will make sure to check their work. While the jobs are being done around here they are not being done well. I want my kids to do everything they do for God's glory. Yes, even cleaning the bathroom. :) I think if my attitude were better about keeping our home up I would do a better job at it. I'm hoping that working with my kids in the coming weeks will help all of our attitudes improve.

I hope that you all are having a blessed day in your homes!

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