Friday, April 27, 2012

Secret Weapon

Disclaimer: These pics are not of my home... yet. :)
 I made an amazing discovery today. I was reading through my copy of Large Family Logistics (love this book by the way!), anyway I was reading and taking notes and realized that I was getting restless. You see, the same thing happens when I'm reading a good encouraging blog. I can't just sit on my blessed assurance while reading of someone else's productivity.
 I need to get up and clean something, cook something, teach something, make something.. I think I might have found a secret weapon. :) Mother's day is coming up and I think I will make a list of homemaking books that I've had my eye on, unless I get my real wish and hubby is able to take a day off to take me to the state homesechool convention at the end of the month.

I have been making lists and notes and coming up with all sorts of ideas to share with my family next week as we launch our new Giving My Girls the Advantage project. I'm so very excited! I've been praying and asking God to strengthen us and give us grace for next week. To really bless our week and give me wisdom. I've been led to many blog articles that I'm looking forward to sharing with my girls.I'll try to list some this weekend!

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