Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Giving my girls the advantage!

I remember a blog post I did not too long before Lily was born. I linked to this post from Lady Lydia (who I adore by the way!) The one line I took from that post that has stayed with me even until today is this:
"A woman with more than one daughter ought to have the nicest, cleanest, prettiest house. "
Here is the blog post I wrote way back then... :)
I need to get back on that wagon! I'm cheating my girls out of so much with my lackadaisical approach. They need me to teach them, to mentor them, to guide them. I am so grateful for ladies who have the gumption to put it out there and tell it like it is. For ladies who are willing to mentor and guide younger women.
Next week I will spend some time talking about what I am doing to give my girls more guidance. I'm excited. I also want to share Mrs. Lydia's writings with my girls so I think every morning I will pick one of her articles to share with them. This one will probably be the first one. :)
What are some ways you are training your young ladies to be keepers of their homes?

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