Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Passion For God's Word

Here we are, Day 2, dressed to the shoes! Today was not nearly as productive as yesterday. I was gone most of the day taking my mom on some errands. She just had knee replacement surgery and come home from rehab yesterday. She is doing FANTASTIC! I am so impressed with how well she handled the surgery.

I did have an answer to a prayer request today. It was one of those small I really don't need it type things, but God heard my prayer and decided that I did need it! I will share it with you one day this week.

Today I read through Chapter 2 of the Elizabeth George book I am reading that I talked about yesterday. I have not gotten through more than one chapter a day so it might take a little more than a week. :)

Today's chapter was on developing a passion for God's word. She listed ten disciplines for developing this passion. I thought I would share them with you.

1. Refuse to miss a day. (reading God's word)

2. Pray as you approach God's word.
Psalm 119:18-19 Open my eyes, that I may see wonderous things from your law. Do not hide your commandments from me.

3. Consume God's word in various ways
Teaching/preaching tapes and videos, Memorize scripture, place scripture verses throughout your home, hum or sing hymns and praise and worship music throughout your day
Saturate your heart soul and mind with scripture

4. Find a rhythm or pattern that fits your lifestyle

5. Be a woman of one book - The Book
Make Bible reading a priority before you read other books

6. Be accountable

7. Beat the family
Aim to be the first one up every morning

8. Teach Your Children
Be as diligent about getting the Word into them as you are about getting it into your own heart.

9. Purpose to get up
This is my own personal struggle, especially with still getting up once or twice a night with the baby. It's so easy to just roll over and fall back asleep instead of getting up.

10. Aim for more time
Always try to fit more of the Word into your day!

This really blessed me this morning. I have missed that passion for seeking after God the last few months. I am so excited to be heading down the right path again.
It is so important as a wife, mom, homemaker, and homeschooler to be saturating our lives with God's word. This not only benefits us but it benefits our whole family. If I am filled with God's word everyday I can then fill my home and family with God's word. It can't help but flow right out of you.
Mom's of young ones, I know how hard it is to get that time. One thing I have done from the beginning is train my littles to play quietly in their rooms until I get them up. Even my big kids still do this.
If you can't do this, another suggestion I heard once was to place an open Bible in the kitchen (or whatever room you frequent most during the day) then grab snippets as you wander through the day. Writing scriptures on index cards and placing them all over the house would help as well.
Ok, so there is my exciting morning. The rest of the day, not so much. I am blessed to be able to care for my family throughout the days.
What exciting thing happened in your spiritual walk today?


*Michigan Momma* said...

I am *so* enjoying reading about your days ~ and the struggles and joys that go along with it! Probably because you can really hear the JOY in your life, how excited you are to be doing what God desires for your life and reconnecting with Him in an even greater way!

Keep it up girl! Now you've got me thinking....;)

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Sidney and Holly Williams said...

This is terrific!