Monday, May 16, 2011

What a day!

Truly, I am blessed! I had a great, if somewhat hectic day. I want to share part of my day with you.
First, I came up with an idea for me! How easy it was the first few months after Lily was born and I was learning to nurse to stay in my pajamas. Yeah, it's almost a year later and while she is still nursing like a champ it's time to admit that the P.J.s have ta go! No, I don't stay in them all the time, but sometimes... and you know what happens then! Everything is either running behind or does not get done!
So my idea was for a few days at least to take a picture of me dressed all the way to my shoes and ready to start my day. In the evening I will post the picture.
Feel free to ask me where the picture is if you don't see it.
It might be silly. I think it will work for me though. Of course I might just decide it's weird and stop. If I do that I will tell you. LOL

This was the start of dinner. It's called Crescent Zucchini Pie and I got it out of a magazine from Reiman Publications called Simple and Delicious. My FIL brought me a copy that he'd received in the mail and I am cooking through it this week. This dish was so good!

Here is the end result. Please excuse the wrinkled tablecloth. It was a last minute wardrobe change. One of my sweet girls picked a nice white table cloth. Notice the fruit at the top of the picture. I asked her to find one of the older table cloths. :) It was right before I put the food on the table, so it's a little wrinkled.

The fruit was a steal! While the meal baked I had to run to Publix to fill a prescription for my mom. I decided to get some fruit while I was there to round out our meal. I found cantaloupe on sale for 1.99 each and watermelon halves on sale for $.49 a pound. I was a little nervous that it would not be that great because it was marked so low. The flavor, though, was FANTASTIC! Seriously, best fruit all season! I'm going to try to sneak back tomorrow.

I also picked up some fresh pineapple for my non-melon loving husband.

Well, that is just a piece of my day. I'm so ready for tomorrow. I can't wait to see what I can accomplish with a new day.

I hope ya'll had a great day as well. Why don't you tell me about it?


Lori said...

You look fantastic my friend - you've lost a lot of weight chasing after that little one! When's the next one coming? Blessings!

Sidney and Holly Williams said...

Thanks for sharing your day! Your dinner looks delicious!